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Website audit
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Website Audit
We’ve spent years developing our SEO Matrix with simplicity at its core. SEO is about more than just increasing traffic, it’s putting your products/services at the forefront of those who need it – with a creative digital marketing mix. Reports cover top keyword ranking, page load speed, social media engagement, content analysis, mobile device optimization and more.
Improve Ranking
Rank higher with Ranking.name. Our tool delivers impressive results with clear analytical instructions to increase organic traffic to your site. Identify gray areas on your website, with custom reports and recommendations. Then, apply changes to amplify your online visibility and increase revenues. Plus, you can climb to the top of major search engines by effectively using the right keywords.
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We want to be a part of your success story. So, let us help you make the best SEO decisions and reach your goals faster. Connecting with our support team is fast plus we’re always available – that’s 24/7/365 should you have questions.

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“It’s the SEO tool you need to amplify growth and increase revenue.”
Expert Driven SEO for Real Results

SEO is a vital part of every website’s marketing mix. If you find SEO difficult to grasp or you simply don’t have a clue where to start use our advanced SEO tool. It’s built by experts who understand how SEO work. Learn as you go with tips and tricks to improve and fix errors like broken links, H1 tags and much more. Keep up to date when search engine algorithms upgrade or when new SEO technologies hit the market.

  • Use the simple task panel to manage your account
  • Test mobile optimization and load speed
  • Get in-depth website health analysis and recommendations - Just for your site
Ranking.name Site Review's Dashboard
Ranking.name Task's Dashboard
Step-by-step SEO Plan - Do it Yourself!

Let Ranking.name experts help you improve your SEO with simple, straightforward instructions in plain English. The truth is - our advanced analytical report generates tasks for you to complete plus it gives tips to help you optimize your site better. So, there’s no need for marketing or technical expertise. Therefore, you can optimize your site all by yourself! Schedule regular scans or run live ones whenever you want. We’ve got you covered in the long run with a fantastic product.

  • Follow a detail step-by-step task driven SEO Plan
  • Live checks to verify the success of completed tasks
Consumer Analysis – Know Your Customers

Have you ever wished you could read you customers minds? How did they find you and what questions are they asking? Well, search engines know, and so do we. Our super-efficient SEO tools allows you to pull data from all major search engines to track how your customers navigate to your website. Our tool strategically helps you rank higher with top keywords in your market and gives you intel on questions in your competitive niche.

  • Strong marketing mix to interpret customer norms and expectations in all major search engines
  • Accurate keyword selection, volume and difficulty
  • Custom keyword list on search engines, competitor comparison etc.
Ranking.name Insight's Dashboard

Let Your Customers find You Faster

Finding the right mix to connect your customers to your product takes a thorough action plan. And, we’ve got it.

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Who said the sky is the limit? We say take your site to the stars and beyond.

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  • Includes 1 website with all Free SEO Report features plus:
  • Updates Daily
  • Up to 500 pages scanned
  • Priority Support
  • Step-by-step SEO plan
  • Hundreds of recommendations specifically for your site
  • Optimize for up to 20 keywords
  • Spy on up to 4 competitors (they’ll never know)
  • Monthly Progress Report
  • Notifications & Alerts

Still not convinced?

Social Circle Optimization
  • Increase social media efficiency
  • Engage more users by responding to hot topics they want answers to.
Content Optimization
  • Tune-up website, blog content
  • Fix titles, Sub-titles, URLs and Tags
Cost Efficient
  • Build a reputable and scalable audience to increase revenue.
  • Save more on SEO with Ranking.name’s affordable plans.
Mobile Website Optimization

Let us help you fix your SEO challenges to skyrocket your Ranking and Visibility.

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Testimonials - Charles Cooper
Charles Cooper – Travel Consultant

Ranking.name Keyword Explorer perfectly make keywords research and complex SEO analysis simple so I can invest less energy in spreadsheets and spend time on my business.

Testimonials - Daniella Laing
Daniella Laing – Cosmetic make-up blogger

The best thing about Ranking.name is that it teaches me how to do real SEO on my site with error tips and I see the outcomes in just a couple of days. Thanks a lot!

Testimonials - Randy O’Brian
Randy O’Brian – Real Estate Consultant

I rank higher on Google’s search engine with the changes I made using Ranking.name’s SEO. Your SEO is easy to follow with clear instructions relevant to my target audience and I got more clients thanks to you.